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Multi-tier, Specialty and A-frame Racks


Maimin manufactures custom and semi-custom racks, storage racks and rolling racks for countless uses in manufacturing, storage and clean room applications.  Racks are designed and built out of aircraft grade aluminum extrusion or painted steel weldment.  Rack sizes, widths, heights and capacity are determined according to the customer needs.  Below are a few examples of the design possibilities, however, virtually any storage rack solution can be offered.  Racks are custom manufactured and need not be for rolls of goods.  Racks can be designed and manufactured to hold flat goods, steel, tubing, specialty goods and countless other applications.


Pictured above is a portable roll rack system designed to hold five rolls of material.  The two rollers on the front of the rack are guides to allow the material to be placed level on a table no matter which roll is being utilized.  The rack arms are totally height adjustable to allow for roll diameter changes. The casters and floor brake system allow for easy transport and storage and also provide stability from movement in the direction that material is pulled from the rack.

Pictured above is a four roll rack system with a one way adjustable pinch roller.  Material is pulled through the pinch roller on to a table.  The one way pinch roller will allow material to pass in the working direction, however, will not allow the material to fall back towards the rolls.  Pull one to four rolls of material simultaneously.

This four roll rack is designed with a dual one-way roller system that is mechanically linked to a scrap rewind bar.  Rolls of material are fed through the pinch rollers (which have adjustable tension) and the backing material is peeled away towards the scrap rewinder.  This rack is used most ofter with pre-preg, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other types of backed materials.





Our racks are manufactured with any number of rolls and according to the customer needs.  The above rack shows a ten roll capacity and incorporates a table guide for even and accuracte unwinding of the rolls.



All roll carrier brackets can be fitted with ball bearings to allow ease of pulling material from the roll.


Construction of our multi-tier racks can be from our aircraft grade anodized aluminum extrusion to durable steel tube frame.

Roll Feeder Options & Accessories

Integrated Table & One Way Roller

Roll racks are available with an integrated table for truly mobile cutting solutions.  The number of rolls and the length, width and height of the table are custom designed to fit your specific needs.  The one way roller allows fabrics to be pulled onto the table, but will not allow them to back roll off the table or onto the floor.  The racks are available with the one way roller with or without the integrated table (as shown in the racks above).

Roll Centering Cones

 Centering Cones are used to hold the roll and center it on the bar.  Racks are shipped with a standard 1.5" roll bar.  Most roll cores are 3" to 4" allowing for some "flopping" when the roll is turned or pulled.  Centering cones, slip into the core and allow it to turn with the bar as a single unit allowing for smooth and even pulling of the material.

Integrated Cutters

 All sizes of Maimin Cutters can be mounted to any rack or on the integrated table.  The cutters can be manually or automatically pushed across the material.  A power source will be needed in either instance.  For more information on the end cutters, visit our cutting machines section or click: 

K Series End Cutters / L Series End Cutters / M Series End Cutters




Pictured above is our standard A-Frame rack.  The A-frame comes standard with eight support bars and holders.  Additional bars and holders can be added if the roll sizes allow for more room.  Options such as one-way rollers, pinch rollers, and table guides are not available on the standard A-frame rack systems.





  This is a simple depiction of how a steel multi-tier weldment rack with table guides would look using a standard cutting table.  The number of rolls, heights, options and capacities will be custom fit to accomodate your needs.




The Aluminum version of the four roll rack with pinch roller in production.  The roll rack, end cutter system and cutting table are all available from Maimin.

The Aluminum version of the four roll rack with pinch roller with integrated M-205 End Cutter in production.  The roll rack, end cutter system and cutting table are all available from Maimin.



We will custom build your roll rack for any weight roll, core diameter, and roll diameter.  Standard features include roll bars and industrial grade castors. Both designs offer high quality construction with a narrow design for ease of movement. 


 To view our complete line of automated roll racks that offer features such as power feeding, edge guide control and power loading capabilities, please click on the picture below or click: Roll Feeders 


For more information regarding our roll racks or any of our other products, please complete the following form.  Your request will be answered promptly.




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