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Power Feed Cradles



Our power feed cradles are used to compliment roll pulling systems and for any other application that requires a cradle.  The cradles are custom manufactured to fit the customer's specifications of roll weight, width and diameter.  The cradles are power fed utilizing a dancer system that independently senses the demand using tension.  As demand increases, the variable speed cradles output faster keeping minimal tension on the fabric.


The power feed cradles can compliment any Maimin puller or feeder, be used in conjunction with other brand equipment, or installed for a manual spreading operation.  The dancer assembly works independently and therefor does not rely on an output signal from other equipment.  Our power feed cradles feature a dual laser sensor edge guide control to accurately feed to within 1/16".  The side shift capabilities are customizable for the customer's needs.  We can accomodate the worst telescoping rolls with side shift capabilities of 16" and more.


Multi Roll Feeders

We also manufacture multi-roll power and non-power fed cradle systems (such as the 12 roll static feeder pictured to the right).  Common uses for the multi-roll feeder may be spreading multiple rolls or feeding material directly into a "clicker" for rapid die cutting.









Cradle Feeder / Rewinder

Our newest addition to our power cradle line.  Maimin manufactures a power feeder / rewinder with inspection and secondary operaion capabilities.  The feeder / rewinder can operate at high speeds with good precision allowing for perfectly rewound rolls.  Programmable delay and advance lengths can be input to allow for inspection and/or secondary operations such as die cutting or ultrasonic welding. 






Watch a video of this machine by clicking on the video below.






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