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L Series End Cutters

L-205 Semi-Automatic End Cutter - $4,349.00
L-405 Fully-Automatic End Cutter - $5,499.00
L-205 Semi-Automatic End Cutter
The newest addition to the Maimin end cutter line is the L Series End Cutter.  Featuring a programmable logic controller (plc) and a variable motor drive, this line of end cutters is the most versatile available. 
The industry standard end cutters (including Maimin until this L series) utilize a relay which basically tells the machine to turn on and cut.  They are not easily adjustable for cut speed or accurate length.  In addition, they utilize a mechanical counter and mostly push-button switches.
The new L series (made in the USA) features the highest quality electronics and a touch screen operator interface.  On the touchscreen, the operator can program cut speed, number of plies, track production, manually turn on the machine for blade sharpening.  The operator may also slow the cross-cut down to allow for cutting of thicker lays, industrial fabrics, and reduce heat on fusible materials.
As with all Maimin end cutters, the L series is fast, simple, money-saving system eliminates end waste.  An end-rail holds the fabric, allowing the operator to quickly and accurately cut the fabric along the cutting rail at the other end of the lay.  Each ply receives a right angle cut at the same length, and the system is adjustable to any length of lay.  
Please click the video below to view a short video of the: L-205 End Cutter:

L-405 Fully-Automatic End Cutter
For ultimate efficiency, this end cutter offers all of the features of the L-205, plus completely automatic cut and lift functions.  The operator sets the machine to cut only the exact number of plies required.  He then draws the material from the roll, over the cutting track, to the end of the table (or pull).  A touch of the button sends the cutting head across the track, cleanly cutting the fabric.  The machine then automatically lifts and lowers, locking the newly cut fabric into place.
Please click the video below to view a short video of the: L-405 End Cutter.

K and M Series End Cutters:
Maimin Technology is proud to introduce the M Series Heavy Duty End Cutter.  Featuring a touch screen operator interface, variable speed motor control and linear ball bearing track system, the M-205 is the most accurate and versatile end cutter available.  The M-205 can be manufactured for any length cutting track and can work with any Maimin cutting machine.
Maimin continues to offer the same line of K series end cutters that it has for the past twenty years.  Reliable, efficient and within budget.
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