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Accu-Spread / Cut System

State of the Art Automatic Spreading Equipment
Maimin Technology presents a revolutionary new spreading machine.  Our line of fully automatic spreading machines offer:           
Incredible speed and accuracy
Precision engineering
In-house machine design
Programming & options for every need
Operator-free operation
Linear drive guidance
Single shaft rack and pinion drive
Rapid spreading and cutting
Touchscreen operator interface
Unique options and features
Extremely low maintenance
All Maimin Accu-Spread/Cut Systems are constructed of high quality, extremely rigid extrusion, with a compact design.  The machine features the highest quality digital electronic components, a full-width clamp, and an optional High-Ply Compensator for spreading material up to 13 inches high.  Our unique design includes rack and pinion drives mounted with linear ball bearing rails to ensure that the system stays perfectly square on any width table to within 1/16".  The easy to use touch screen operator interface allows the operator to change parameters including cut length, speed, ply height, number of cuts and much more.  All systems are custom manufactured to complement any table and material width.
Fully programmable touchscreen operator interface with state-of-the-art electronics allows for user-friendly operation.
Rack and pinion drive system with linear ball bearing rails provides precise pull and cut accuracy at rapid speeds.
Maimin will determine the fastest and most efficient cutter for your application and custom mount it to your system.  From a rugged 5.25" heavy-duty Maimin cutter (pictured) to the light and quick Rotoshere 2 our machines easily slice through even the toughest materials.  Optional cutting devices include ultrasonic cutters, crush cut and hot knife.
All machines are custom engineered and manufactured allowing the customer to select the options and features desired to maximize value and efficiency.

The Maimin Accu-Spread/Cut System utilizes state-of-the-art electronics and software.


A fully programmable touchscreen stores system parameters and recipes.  The Operator can control all machine functions in auto or manual modes.  Operator level, maintenance level and programming level password protection comes standard.


The touchscreen interface provides complete diagnostics and production data while governing all movement, operation and features.  All areas of the touchscreen operation and programming conveniently located for ease of use.



Precision engineered linear rail and ball bearing system provides for incredible speed and accuracy.
Exclusive rack & pinion drive system allows guaranteed precise linear movement below the cutting table.
Eliminates conventional table-top friction drive roller wheel design providing a much more accurate drive system removing all table-top wear.
To view or print our current Accu-Spread/Cut System brochure, click: BROCHURE 
Click on the video below to view a video: 




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